How to get to graves of Boltzmann and Schrödinger

In this article, let me introduce how can you get to the graves of two great physicist: Ludwig Boltzmann, and Erwin Schrödinger.  Both graves are located in Austria.  There is a lot of information about the location of Boltzmann’s grave on the internet, however, the one of Schrödinger is difficult to find.  So, I try to introduce a good route to get to Schrödinger’s grave.  This post is written based upon my experience in 2019 February.


  • Boltzmann’s grave

Boltzmann’s grave is located in the center part of Zentralfriedhof shown in the map.

  • From the city center of Vienna

I think most of tourist want to drop your luggages at your accommodation in Vienna. Here, I explain the way from Vienna city to grave.
Please get on the tram No. 71 from the bus stop in front of the opera house. The final stop is Zentralfriedhof. It’ll take 30 minutes.

  • From airport

If you get to the grave from airport directly, please use S-Bahn No. 7 and get off the train at the Wien Zentralfriedhof station. (15 minutes)


As shown in the picture below, there is a big green dome near the center of the grave.

You can find the Boltzmann’s grave with his very famous equation about entropy on the right side of that dome shaped building.


  • Schrödinger’s grave

Boltzmann’s grave is very close from the center of Vienna city, on the other hand, Schrödinger’s grave is very far from the big city.  Therefore, you should make a plan to get to the Schrödinger’s grave located in Alpbach.

Most close city from Alpbach is Innsbruck.  Although it’ll take a little bit longer time, you can get to there from Salzburg.

The most probable way to Alpbach is below.

Innsbruck —(öbb)—> Brixlegg —(bus)—> Alpbach

I think this way is very popular and I can strongly recommend you. Both train and bus tickets can be bought by App of öbb on your smart phone whenever and wherever you want. Therefore, maybe you can buy the bus ticket after arrival at the Brixlegg station.

Please get on the bus bound for Inneralpbach, No. 4074 from A stop. If you have enough time to wait, you can enter a cafe, a restaurant, and a convenience store near the bus stop.

Please get off the bus at Alpbach Böglerhof.

You can find the Schrödinger’s grave on the left side of the church.

FYI, here I note down the timetable which I used.

Innsbruck 11:35 → Brixlegg 12:17
Brixlegg 13:06 → Alpbach Böglerhof 13:31

If you have more interest about physicists, why don’t you get to the University of Vienna?  They has statues of Schrödinger and Doppler.

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